Thursday, November 13, 2008

Viking and Medieval Dublin

National Museum Excavations 1962-1973 Catalogue of Exhibition

Published: Ard-Mhusaem na h-Eireann
An Rionn Oideachais first Published 1973

Many hundred's of textile fragments were discovered in excellent conservation.

  • Fragments include coarse heavy fabrics in plain weave, to fine material woven in twill
  • Red Dye,
  • Bone tablets for Tablet Weaving. Narrow woven boarders for sewing on as edging or in decorative patterns
  • Yarn was woven using wooden spindles, weighted with whorls of bone or stone
  • Wooden Reels on which the yarn was wound
  • Sewing needles of bone, bronze and iron
  • Needles cases - one of them is a decorated bronze specimen dating to the 10th Century
  • Footwear finds included boots and shoes of tanned leather, adult and children

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