Wednesday, September 16, 2009

ETHos - *electronic theses online service*

The British Library has now opened access to UK theses, through ETHos *electronic theses online service*.

There is a wealth of textile information on this website. Previously unseen theses on a huge range of textile and other subjects, can be found, downloaded or bought on CD. You must join up, but its free, and then you can browse through subject matter as far-ranging as textiles is itself.

The majority of the theses you have to pay for, the average seems to be €40, but occasionally you can find a gem that is free to download.

"Textile production in Prehistoric and Early Medieval Ireland. by MARIA AMELIA FITZGERALD, Manchester University", is one gem, that this blog could not believe existed.... and you can download it for free. (There is a waiting time at the moment of 90 days.)

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